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Running a SSIS package via SQL Agent job with a Proxy User

23 Sep

I recently needed to create a SQL Agent job that runs a SSIS package on SQL Server 2012.

I followed the steps that are detailed in the below link, to be able to run a SSIS Package from SQL Server Agent Using a Proxy Account:

However, once I finished the steps and tried running the job, it kept failing with the error:

Unable to start execution of step 1 (reason: Error authenticating proxy *****\******, system error: Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.).  The step failed.

I was sure that password of the Proxy Account was correct, and I was quite puzzled with the issue.
I even tried changing the Proxy Account to another sysadmin account but no change.


Check the SQL Server Agent service account in SQL Server Configuration Manager. Make sure the service account is configured with the format of DomainName\UserName and not in the format of UserName@DomainName.com.

Once I change the Service account configuration, the job ran with no issues.